Converts a DataFrame or Series to Excel file, and write file to disk or download in browser.

danfo.toExcel(data, options)






Series or DataFrame

The Series or DataFrame to write to CSV


object, optional

Configuration object:


filePath: Local file path to write the CSV file to. If not specified, the CSV will be returned as a string. Only needed in Nodejs version fileName: The name of the file to download as. Only needed in the browser environment. sheetName: Name to call the excel sheet.

writingOptions: Supports all xlsx write options. See https://docs.sheetjs.com/docs/api/write-options


{ filePath: "./output.xlsx", sheetName: "Sheet1" }

The toExcel function can be used to write out a DataFrame or Series to Excel (.xlsx) file. The output format will depend on the environment. In the following examples, we show you how to write/download an Excel file from Node and Browser environments.

Convert DataFrame to Excel and write to file path

You can write a DataFrame or Series in Excel format using the toExcel function and specifying the file path.

const dfd = require("danfojs-node")

let data = {
    Abs: [20.2, 30, 47.3],
    Count: [34, 4, 5],
    "country code": ["NG", "FR", "GH"],

let df = new dfd.DataFrame(data);

dfd.toExcel(df, { filePath: "testOut.xlsx"});

Convert DataFrame to Excel and download the file in Client-side lib

You can automatically convert and download an Excel file in a browser environment, by specifying a filename. This will open a download window.

let data = {
    Abs: [20.2, 30, 47.3],
    Count: [34, 4, 5],
    "country code": ["NG", "FR", "GH"],

let df = new DataFrame(data);

dfd.toExcel(df, { fileName: "testOut.xlsx"});

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