Building Data Driven Applications with Danfo.js - Book

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What this book is about

The book then shows you how to load different datasets, combine and analyze them by performing operations such as handling missing values and string manipulations. You'll also get to grips with data plotting, visualization, aggregation, and group operations by combining Danfo.js with Plotly. As you advance, you'll create a no-code data analysis and handling system and create-react-app, react-table, react-chart, Draggable.js, and tailwind, and understand how to use TensorFlow.js and Danfo.js to build a recommendation system. Finally, you'll build a Twitter analytics dashboard powered by Danfo.js, Next.js, node-nlp, and Twit.js.

By the end of this app development book, you'll be able to build and embed data analytics, visualization, and ML capabilities into any JavaScript app in server-side Node.js or the browser.

What you will learn

  • Perform data experimentation and analysis with Danfo.js and Dnotebook

  • Build machine learning applications using Danfo.js integrated with TensorFlow.js

  • Connect Danfo.js with popular database applications to aid data analysis

  • Create a no-code data analysis and handling system using internal libraries

  • Develop a recommendation system with Danfo.js and TensorFlow.js

  • Build a Twitter analytics dashboard for sentiment analysis and other types of data insights

Who this book is for

This book is for data analysts, data scientists, and JavaScript developers who want to create data-driven applications in the JavaScript/Node.js environment. Intermediate-level knowledge of JavaScript programming and data science using pandas is expected

Table of content

  1. An Overview of Modern JavaScript

  2. Dnotebook - An Interactive Computing Environment for JavaScript

  3. Getting Started with Danfo.js

  4. Data Analysis, Wrangling, and Transformation

  5. Data Visualization with Plotly.js

  6. Data Visualization with Danfo.js

  7. Data Aggregation and Group Operations

  8. Creating a No-Code Data Analysis/Handling System

  9. Basics of Machine Learning

  10. Introduction to TensorFlow.js

  11. Building a Recommendation System with Danfo.js and TensorFlow.js

  12. Building a Twitter Analysis Dashboard

  13. Appendix: Essential JavaScript Concepts

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